Lance Beggs is a full time day-trader with a current preference for forex, FX futures and eminifutures markets. His style of trading is discretionary, operating in the direction of short-termsentiment within a framework of support and resistance.

As an ex-military helicopter pilot and aviation safety specialist, Lance has an interest in applyingthe lessons and philosophy of aviation safety to the trading environment, through study in humanfactors, risk management and crew resource management.
He is the founder and chief contributor to, which aims toprovide quality trading education and resources with an emphasis on the ‘less sexy’ but more
important aspects of trading – business management, risk management, money management andtrading psychology.

The trading strategy that is shared within YTC Price Action Trader is an optional approach. The system is not as straightforward as “buy on trigger A and sell on trigger B.” As much as we would like to think otherwise, such basic systems are not functional. Take a day to browse around any of the several systems forums to verify this for yourself.

Numerous systems that seem to have a lot of potential are shown, which excites forum members and leads to a rush of posting activity. Eventually, they vanish into thin air when the users find the system is unable to produce reliable results, or they grow irate when the system changes into a whole new one when more filters are added in an attempt to get around its shortcomings.


  • Principles of Markets
  • Market Analysis
  • Strategy – YTC Price Action Trader
  • Trade Examples
  • Other Markets, Other Timeframes
  • Money Management
  • Contingency Management
  • Goals & Targets
  • Trading Psychology – A Practical Approach
  • Trading Platform Setup
  • Trading Plan
  • Procedures Manual
  • Additional Documentation
  • The Journey
  • The Learning Process
  • Taking Action

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