The government in West Bengal started a program called Joy Bangla to give money to certain groups of people. They want to help people who are poor or belong to specific communities. The Joy Bangla program includes different types of pension programs, and they are put into two groups.

Jai Bangla Pension Scheme Details

Name of SchemeJai Bangla Pension Scheme
StateWest Bengal
BeneficiariesAged SC/ST/Manabik candidates
ObjectiveProviding Rs 1,000 monthly pensions
ObjectiveFinancial Assistance Rs.1000/-

Eligibility for the Joy Bangla Scheme

  • Only people who are from West Bengal or live there all the time can get help from this plan.
  • Only Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes can join this plan.
  • The government says if you are under 60 and ask for this plan, they will say no
  • You must have a working bank account if you want to join the Joy Bangla plan.
  • If you already get money from the government, you can’t join this plan.”

Documents Required

  1. A picture for your passport
  2. Proof of your caste (if applicable)
  3. A digital certificate from the right authority
  4. A digital copy of your ration card
  5. Your Aadhaar card (if you have one)
  6. Your voter ID
  7. A certificate showing where you live (you can declare it yourself)
  8. A certificate showing your income (you can declare it yourself)
  9. Your bank passbook
  10. For anything else, please tell us specifically

Once you fill out this form and give it to the BDO/SDO or KMC Commissioner, they will carefully check it. Then, the District Magistrate will put their digital signature on it. Or, the District Magistrate may send the form to the Nodal Officer.

Next, the application forms will be put on the state’s website. From there, they will be sent to the Nodal Officer, and the payment will be given online on the first day of each month.

The West Bengal government has introduced two pension schemes for Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) called the Taposali Bandhu Pension Scheme and Joy Bangla Pension Scheme. Under the Joy Bangla Pension Scheme, eligible people in West Bengal will get Rs. 1000 per month as financial help, and this money will be sent directly to their bank accounts.

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