In The Taste of Revenge by Veronica Lancet, Rafaelo Guerra seeks revenge on his brother who has wronged him in the past. To achieve his goal, he must join forces with a dangerous crime lord. However, he never expected to encounter Noelle DeVille, the sister of his new associate, whom he despises even more than his own brother. Despite his hatred for her, he finds her incredibly alluring.

Noelle has endured a difficult past, surviving an abusive marriage that left deep scars on her both mentally and physically. When Rafaelo enters her life, she feels trapped and unsure of how to handle him. He accuses her of crimes she can’t remember committing, yet she can’t help but feel drawn to him. Unexpectedly, they are forced into an arranged marriage, becoming even more entangled with each other despite being enemies. Noelle now fears not only for her life but also for her already damaged heart.

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The Taste of Revenge is a steamy dark romance that takes readers on a journey from hatred to love. It serves as the first book in the Guerra Brothers series and ends with a cliffhanger. Readers are advised to be aware of the dark themes present in the story and to read the trigger warnings carefully before proceeding.

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