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She Stood By Me

Aparna is a girl from the upper middle class who lives by her values. She is focused on building a successful profession and proving herself to the rest of the world, and she has no time for love. Abhi is a lower-middle-class man who wants a great job but also believes in love.

He wants to make the most of every moment of his existence. He doesn’t want to make a mistake he’ll come to regret later. When he meets Aparna, though, he discovers that his life is no longer the same. Aparna sees Abhi as a close friend, while Abhi sees her as more. She is suddenly his entire world. And now is the time for him to tell her before they separate to pursue their careers. He has a lot of challenges, yet he opens his heart to her.

They continue on with their lives apart for another four years, which is a long time for anyone to wait for each other. Will they meet again, will they find someone else, will they be able to distinguish between love and a relationship, will they be able to support each other or will someone else support them? Read the narrative of two people who will explain you what love is via romance, emotion, and suffering.

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