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Saurashtra Tourist Places List

Saurashtra is a Gujarat area in India. Saurashtra, also known as the United States of Kathiawar, was an Indian state that existed from 1948 and 1956 in the Saurashtra Peninsula, also known as the Kathiawar Peninsula, with Rajkot as its capital, on land that is now part of Gujarat. The United State of Kathiawar was the initial name for Saurashtra.

It was established on February 15, 1948. The state was named after the Kathiawar and Saurashtra regions, which both refer to the same geographical region of territories on Gujarat’s major Peninsula. It’s on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It encompasses around a third of Gujarat’s territory, encompassing 11 districts, including Rajkot. The Arabian Sea borders the peninsula on the south and south west, the Gulf of Kutch on the north west, and the Gulf of Khambhat on the east. The waste tracts half salt marsh half sandy desert that reach inland from the apex of these two gulfs, the Little Rann of Kutch and Khambhat, complete the isolation of Kathiawar, except for one small neck that connects it on the north east with the mainland of Gujarat.

After the kathi Darbar, which previously dominated most of the region, the Peninsula is sometimes referred to as Kathiawar. However, because a tiny piece of the historical Saurashtra region extends outside the Kathiawar Peninsula, Sortha from the southern portion of the peninsula, Saurashtra is not totally synonymous with Kathiawar.

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