Three families with low income were paid a good amount of money to spend a day with Geraldine Borden at her cliffside mansion. To get the rest of their money, the parents just need to let their children test out Geraldine’s new playground equipment, which she has been working on for many years. However, there’s a problem – the equipment was built in secret, hidden in the dark underground of her gothic castle, and not meant to be used by anyone.

When a group of troubled children suddenly finds themselves in a dangerous and evil place, they have to grow up quickly to survive. They must learn to put aside their differences or be consumed by the sinister structures around them.

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The novel ‘Playground,’ written by Aron Beauregard, is a truly scary and unsettling book that even the most experienced horror fans will find uncomfortable. It’s an intense and gripping read that left me breathless, according to Brian Keene.

The book contains 15 illustrations inside, but it’s important to note that it includes graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

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