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Mumbai Pin Code

Many Indians continue to use the Indian Postal Department’s services since they are convenient and inexpensive.

A postcard can be sent from one end of India to the other for merely 0.50 paise. The Indian Postal Department offers a variety of services, including investments and savings, in addition to the typical mailing of letters, money transfers, and Speed post.

It is immensely popular, especially among individuals living in rural areas, due to its extensive reach throughout the country. The length and width of India are covered by 1,55,000 post offices and a whopping 5,62,000 letterboxes.

Mumbai Pin Code List


Post Office NamePin CodeDivision
Bazargate S.O400001Mumbai  South
M.P.T. S.O400001Mumbai  South
Stock Exchange S.O400001Mumbai  South
Tajmahal S.O400001Mumbai  South
Town Hall S.O (Mumbai)400001Mumbai  South
Mumbai G.P.O.400001Mumbai G.P.O.
S. C. Court S.O400002Mumbai  South
Thakurdwar S.O400002Mumbai  South
Kalbadevi H.O400002Mumbai  South
B.P.Lane S.O400003Mumbai  East
Mandvi S.O (Mumbai)400003Mumbai  East
Masjid S.O400003Mumbai  East
Null Bazar S.O400003Mumbai  East
Ambewadi S.O (Mumbai)400004Mumbai  South
Charni Road S.O400004Mumbai  South
Chaupati S.O400004Mumbai  South
Girgaon S.O400004Mumbai  South
Madhavbaug S.O400004Mumbai  South
Opera House S.O400004Mumbai  South
Asvini S.O400005Mumbai  South
Colaba S.O400005Mumbai  South
Holiday Camp S.O400005Mumbai  South
V.W.T.C. S.O400005Mumbai  South
Colaba Bazar S.O400005Mumbai  South
Malabar Hill S.O400006Mumbai  West
Bharat Nagar S.O (Mumbai)400007Mumbai  West
S V Marg S.O400007Mumbai  West
Grant Road S.O400007Mumbai  West
N.S.Patkar Marg S.O400007Mumbai  West
Tardeo S.O400007Mumbai  West
J.J.Hospital S.O400008Mumbai  West
Kamathipura S.O400008Mumbai  West
Falkland Road S.O400008Mumbai  West
M A Marg S.O400008Mumbai  West
Mumbai Central H.O400008Mumbai  West
Princess Dock S.O400009Mumbai  East
Noor Baug S.O400009Mumbai  East
Chinchbunder H.O400009Mumbai  East
Mazgaon S.O400010Mumbai  East
Mazgaon Road S.O400010Mumbai  East
Mazgaon Dock S.O400010Mumbai  East
V K Bhavan S.O400010Mumbai  East
Dockyard Road S.O400010Mumbai  East
Chinchpokli S.O400011Mumbai  West
Haines Road S.O400011Mumbai  West
Jacob Circle S.O400011Mumbai  West
Agripada S.O400011Mumbai  West
BPC  Jacob Circle S.O400011Mumbai  West
Parel S.O400012Mumbai  East
Parel Naka S.O400012Mumbai  East
Haffkin Institute S.O400012Mumbai  East
Chamarbaug S.O400012Mumbai  East
Lal Baug S.O400012Mumbai  East
BEST STaff Quarters S.O400012Mumbai  East
Parel Rly Work Shop S.O400012Mumbai  East
Delisle Road S.O400013Mumbai  West
Dadar Colony S.O400014Mumbai  East
Naigaon S.O (Mumbai)400014Mumbai  East
Dadar H.O400014Mumbai  East
Sewri S.O400015Mumbai  East
Kapad Bazar S.O400016Mumbai  West
Mahim East S.O400016Mumbai  West
Mahim Bazar S.O400016Mumbai  West
Mori Road S.O400016Mumbai  West
Mahim H.O400016Mumbai  West
Dharavi S.O400017Mumbai  West
Dharavi Road S.O400017Mumbai  West
Worli S.O400018Mumbai  West
Worli Naka S.O400018Mumbai  West
Matunga S.O400019Mumbai  North East
Central Building S.O400020Mumbai  South
Churchgate S.O400020Mumbai  South
Marine Lines S.O400020Mumbai  South
Elephanta Caves Po B.O400021Mumbai  South
Nariman Point S.O400021Mumbai  South
New Yogakshema S.O400021Mumbai  South
Transit Camp S.O400022Mumbai  North East
Raoli Camp S.O400022Mumbai  North East
Sion S.O400022Mumbai  North East
Chunabhatti S.O400022Mumbai  North East
Nehru Nagar S.O (Mumbai)400024Mumbai  North East
Prabhadevi S.O400025Mumbai  West
New Prabhadevi Road S.O400025Mumbai  West
Cumballa Hill S.O400026Mumbai  West
Gowalia Tank S.O400026Mumbai  West
Dr Deshmukh Marg S.O400026Mumbai  West
Cumballa Sea Face S.O400026Mumbai  West
V J B Udyan S.O400027Mumbai  East
Bhawani Shankar S.O400028Mumbai  West
Bhawani Shankar Rd S.O400028Mumbai  West
Gokhale Road S.O (Mumbai)400028Mumbai  West
Ranade Road S.O400028Mumbai  West
S V S Marg S.O400028Mumbai  West
Shivaji Park S.O (Mumbai)400028Mumbai  West
A I Staff Colony S.O400029Mumbai  North
Santacruz P&t Colony S.O400029Mumbai  North
Century Mill S.O400030Mumbai  West
Worli Colony S.O400030Mumbai  West
Worli Police Camp S.O400030Mumbai  West
Worli Sea Face S.O400030Mumbai  West
Wadala S.O400031Mumbai  East
Wadala Rs S.O400031Mumbai  East
Kidwai Nagar S.O (Mumbai)400031Mumbai  East
High Court Building S.O (Mumbai)400032Mumbai  South
Mantralaya S.O (Mumbai)400032Mumbai  South
Secretariate S.O400032Mumbai  South
Tank Road S.O400033Mumbai  East
Kalachowki S.O400033Mumbai  East
Reay Road S.O400033Mumbai  East
Cotton Exchange S.O400033Mumbai  East
L B S N E collage S.O400033Mumbai  East
Tulsiwadi S.O400034Mumbai  West
Haji Ali S.O400034Mumbai  West
Rajbhavan S.O (Mumbai)400035Mumbai  West
Antop Hill S.O400037Mumbai  East
B P T Colony S.O400037Mumbai  East
C G S Colony S.O400037Mumbai  East
Wadala Truck Terminal S.O400037Mumbai  East
Bhandup East S.O400042Mumbai  North East
D.M. Colony S.O400043Mumbai  North East
Shivaji Nagar S.O (Mumbai)400043Mumbai  North East
Juhu S.O400049Mumbai  North
Bandra West S.O400050Mumbai  North
B.N. Bhavan S.O400051Mumbai  North
Kherwadi S.O400051Mumbai  North
Bandra(East) S.O400051Mumbai  North
Audit Bhavan S.O400051Mumbai  North
Danda S.O400052Mumbai  North
Khar Colony S.O400052Mumbai  North
V.P. Road S.O400052Mumbai  North
Khar Delivery S.O400052Mumbai  North
Azad Nagar S.O (Mumbai)400053Mumbai  North
Andheri H.O400053Mumbai  North
Santacruz Central S.O400054Mumbai  North
Santacruz(West) S.O400054Mumbai  North
Vakola S.O400055Mumbai  North
Santacruz(East) S.O400055Mumbai  North
IRLA S.O400056Mumbai  North
Vileparle(West) S.O400056Mumbai  North
Hanuman Road S.O400057Mumbai  North
Vileparle Railway Station S.O400057Mumbai  North
Vileeparle (East) S.O400057Mumbai  North
H.M.P. School S.O400058Mumbai  North
Andheri Railway Station S.O400058Mumbai  North
Marol Bazar S.O400059Mumbai  North
Marol Naka S.O400059Mumbai  North
J.B. Nagar S.O400059Mumbai  North
Jogeshwari East S.O400060Mumbai  North West
Madh B.O400061Mumbai  North
Vesava S.O400061Mumbai  North
Goregaon East S.O400063Mumbai  North West
Sharma Estate S.O400063Mumbai  North West
Malad S.O400064Mumbai  North West
Malad West Dely S.O400064Mumbai  North West
Orlem S.O400064Mumbai  North West
Liberty Garden S.O400064Mumbai  North West
Aareymilk Colony S.O400065Mumbai  North West
S R P F Camp S.O400065Mumbai  North West
Nagari Niwara S.O400065Mumbai  North West
Magthane B.O400066Mumbai  North West
Borivali East S.O400066Mumbai  North West
Daulat Nagar S.O (Mumbai)400066Mumbai  North West
Rajendra Nagar S.O (Mumbai)400066Mumbai  North West
S. K.Nagar S.O400066Mumbai  North West
Kandivali West S.O400067Mumbai  North West
Charkop S.O400067Mumbai  North West
Kandivali RS S.O400067Mumbai  North West
Ketkipada B.O400068Mumbai  North West
Dahisar RS S.O400068Mumbai  North West
Dahisar S.O400068Mumbai  North West
Nagardas Road S.O400069Mumbai  North
Andheri East S.O400069Mumbai  North
Kurla North S.O400070Mumbai  North East
Kurla S.O400070Mumbai  North East
Netajinagar S.O400070Mumbai  North East
Chembur H.O400071Mumbai  North East
Sindhi Society S.O400071Mumbai  North East
Vihar Road S.O400072Mumbai  North East
Sakinaka S.O400072Mumbai  North East
Chembur Extension S.O400074Mumbai  North East
FCI S.O400074Mumbai  North East
Mahul Road S.O400074Mumbai  North East
Best Staff Colony S.O400075Mumbai  North East
Pant Nagar S.O400075Mumbai  North East
R.A.Nagar S.O400075Mumbai  North East
Powai Iit S.O400076Mumbai  North East
Rajawadi S.O400077Mumbai  North East
Bhandup West S.O400078Mumbai  North East
Bhandup Ind. Estate S.O400078Mumbai  North East
J.M. Road S.O400078Mumbai  North East
P.H. Colony S.O400078Mumbai  North East
Usha Nagar S.O400078Mumbai  North East
Psm Colony S.O400079Mumbai  North East
Vikhroli S.O400079Mumbai  North East
Mulund West S.O400080Mumbai  North East
Mulund Dd Road S.O400080Mumbai  North East
Nahur S.O400080Mumbai  North East
Nehru Road S.O (Mumbai)400080Mumbai  North East
S.B. Road S.O400080Mumbai  North East
Mulund East S.O400081Mumbai  North East
Mhada Colony S.O400081Mumbai  North East
Bhandup Complex S.O400082Mumbai  North East
Mulund Colony S.O400082Mumbai  North East
Kannamwar Nagar S.O400083Mumbai  North East
Tagore Nagar S.O400083Mumbai  North East
Barve Nagar S.O400084Mumbai  North East
BARC S.O400085Mumbai  North East
Ghatkopar West S.O400086Mumbai  North East
Rifle Range S.O400086Mumbai  North East
Sahakar Bhavan S.O400086Mumbai  North East
NITIE S.O400087Mumbai  North East
Govandi S.O400088Mumbai  North East
T.F.Donar S.O400088Mumbai  North East
Trombay S.O400088Mumbai  North East
Chembur Rs S.O400089Mumbai  North East
Tilak Nagar S.O (Mumbai)400089Mumbai  North East
Borivali H.O400091Mumbai  North West
Borivali West S.O400092Mumbai  North West
Chakala Midc S.O400093Mumbai  North
Anushakti Nagar S.O400094Mumbai  North East
Kharodi S.O400095Mumbai  North West
Ins Hamla S.O400095Mumbai  North West
Seepz S.O400096Mumbai  North
Malad East S.O400097Mumbai  North West
Rani Sati Marg S.O400097Mumbai  North West
Vidyanagari S.O400098Mumbai  North
Sahargaon B.O400099Mumbai  North
Airport S.O (Mumbai)400099Mumbai  North
International Airport S.O400099Mumbai  North
Sahar P & T Colony S.O400099Mumbai  North
Kandivali East S.O400101Mumbai  North West
Kandivali East Extn Counter400101Mumbai  North West
Jogeshwari West S.O400102Mumbai  North West
Oshiwara S.O400102Mumbai  North West
Mandapeshwar S.O400103Mumbai  North West
Goregaon S.O (Mumbai)400104Mumbai  North West
Motilal Nagar S.O400104Mumbai  North West
Bangur Nagar S.O400104Mumbai  North West
Goregaon RS S.O400104Mumbai  North West

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