This document demonstrates how Miller & Levine Biology ©2014 meets the Alabama
Content Standards for Biology, grades 9-12. Correlation page references are to the Student
and Teacher’s Editions. Authors Ken Miller and Joe Levine have created a comprehensive on-level program to inspire students to interact with trusted and up-to-date biology content. The authors’
unique storytelling style engages students in biology, with a greater focus on written and
visual analogies.


Study Workbook A and Study Workbook B: Reading Foundations offer leveled resources for students of varying abilities.

  • Section Summaries help students prepare for tests.
  • Study Worksheets make students active and engaged readers.
  • Note taking skills development helps students build understanding.
  • Vocabulary Reviews with graphic organizers help students master key terminology.

Laboratory Manual A and Laboratory Manual B: Skill Foundations offer leveled activities for students of varying abilities. Teachers can choose to differentiate activities within a classroom or select from various labs to choose one that best fits the whole class profile., the latest in digital instruction technology, provides a pedagogically relevant interface for your biology classroom.

  • Complete Student Edition online with audio
  • Complete Teacher’s Edition
  • Untamed Science videos (also on DVD)
  • Lesson review presentations
  • Editable worksheets
  • Test preparation, online assessments, and remediation
  • Games, animals, and simulations
  • Chapter mysteries from the textbook
  • Interactive study guides

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