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Khudurukuni Osha Book

Khudurukuni or Khuda-rankuni is the name given to this festival. It refers to a little girl begging for food. Unmarried girls participate in this celebration. They perform puja and fast for the wealth, prosperity, and safety of their brothers. This puja is celebrated every Sunday in the month of Bhadraba. Girls perform the “Balunka puja” in the morning. In the morning, they worship a sand idol, and in the evening, they worship Maa Khudurukuni’s idol and sing the Khudurukuni song. In the evening, girls from the same neighborhood or friends gather at a central location to prepare for the puja.

The festival is based on the narrative of a girl named Tapoyi who had seven brothers. She was the youngest of the bunch. She also had seven sisters-in-law. She was overly indulged as the family’s only daughter. However, when her father and mother died, her fate changed. Her brothers then left her with her sisters-in-law while they went to do business and trade. After that, her seven sisters-in-law tormented her and refused to feed her. Her youngest sister-in-law was the only one who was friendly to her.

This went on until Tapoyi began to adore Maa Mangala in the hope of her brothers’ return. They had vanished 12 years ago without a trace. Tapoyi was concerned about her brothers’ safety and prayed to Maa Mangala for protection. When her brothers finally returned, they chastised her six sisters-in-law and took care of her as before.

It was then discovered that Tapoyi was an angel who had been born on Earth as Tapoyi. Her family felt remorseful, and Tapoyi is now known as Khudurukuni. To this day, girls revere their brothers by praying for their prosperity, just as she did for her brother’s return.

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