The India Tourist Road Atlas, authored by Dr. R.P. Arya, is a comprehensive guidebook that provides essential information for tourists planning road trips in India. Written in English, this book is a valuable resource for travelers who want to explore India’s diverse landscapes, rich culture, and popular tourist destinations by road.

The book includes detailed maps of various regions in India, including states, cities, and tourist circuits. These maps provide information on highways, major roads, and smaller roads, as well as landmarks, attractions, and points of interest. The book also offers suggested routes for popular tourist circuits, along with information on road conditions, toll roads, and permits required for certain routes.

In addition to maps and routes, the book provides useful tourist information, such as contact details of tourist offices, emergency services, fuel stations, and rest areas. It also includes safety tips for road travelers, guidelines for driving in India, local driving rules and regulations, basic phrases and translations in local languages, and general travel tips for tourists in India.

The book is organized with an index of places, roads, and landmarks, making it easy to locate information quickly. It is written in English language, making it accessible to a wide range of tourists, both local and foreign, who are planning to explore India by road.

The India Tourist Road Atlas by Dr. R.P. Arya is a comprehensive guidebook that provides essential information for road travelers in India. It serves as a valuable companion for planning and navigating road trips in India, helping tourists make their journeys safe, enjoyable, and memorable. So, grab a copy of this informative book and get ready to embark on an exciting road trip adventure in India!

Book NameIndia Tourist Road Atlas
Author NameDr R P Arya
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