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Hindu Divorce Application Form

The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 allows either the husband or the wife to file a divorce petition to void a marriage that was solemnised before or after the Act’s inception.
The legal processes for obtaining a divorce in India are lengthy, taking at least six months. It is a lengthy process that requires the production and inspection of several documents as well as adherence to the protocols for obtaining a divorce decree. In the absence of records, the process would be much more time-consuming and drawn out.

The documents required for a Hindu divorce are as follows:

  • Husband’s address evidence
  • Proof of a wife’s address
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Four passport-size portraits of a husband and wife’s marriage.
  • Evidence that partners have been living apart for over a year.
  • Evidence leading to unsuccessful mediation attempts.
  • Income tax returns from the previous two to three years
  • Information about the career and current pay
  • Information about your ancestors’ ancestors’ ancestors’
  • Information about the petitioner’s properties and other assets
  • Any Additional Documents

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