Haripath is a devotional composition in the Marathi language that is dedicated to Lord Vitthal, a Hindu deity also known as Vithoba or Panduranga. It is a collection of 28 abhangs, which are hymns or verses composed by the prominent Marathi saint and poet, Sant Dnyaneshwar.

Haripath is highly revered among devotees of Lord Vitthal and is often recited or sung as a form of devotional practice. It is considered a powerful tool for seeking the blessings of Lord Vitthal and attaining spiritual upliftment. The hymns in Haripath express deep devotion, surrender, and longing for the divine, and they convey the teachings of Sant Dnyaneshwar in simple and profound language.

Many devotees recite Haripath daily as a part of their spiritual routine or during pilgrimages to the holy places associated with Lord Vitthal, such as Pandharpur in Maharashtra, India. It is believed that reciting Haripath with devotion and understanding its meaning can bring peace, solace, and grace into one’s life, and help in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

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