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Chanakya Neeti Sutralu in Telugu

The Greek conqueror Alexander the Great conquered the Indian subcontinent roughly 2,300 years ago. Due to the fragmentation of the smaller kings, his invasion of the land of the petty Hindu empires was most successful. Chanakya Pandit, who was suffering from a serious case of despair, looked for and found a great leader in Chandragupta Maurya. Despite the fact that Chandragupta was the maiden son of King Nanda of Magadha, he was a remarkably brilliant, brave, and physically powerful man. Chanakya was unconcerned about his inability to ascend to the throne via birth.

Chanakya desired a monarch with exceptional qualities to ascend to the role of King of Magadha and put an end to the Greek invasion (Greeks). According to legend, Chanakya was personally outraged by King Nanda and vowed that this strong Brahmin would not recall his long peak until the ruler of scorn and his drunken youth died. This renowned Brahmin was only able to tie his hair again after the Chanakya scholar had delivered a quick death for the Nanda dynasty’s degenerate and useless kings, according to his oath.

There are numerous accounts of Chanakya’s exact method for the Nanda’s extinction, making it impossible for historians to discern fact from folklore in key areas. Following the collapse of Nanda, Chandragupta found it relatively easy to acquire the favour of the people of Magadha, who greeted their new hero and handsome young king with open arms. Under Chandragupta’s leadership, the rulers of adjacent states were mobilised, and the remainder of the Greeks, headed by Alexander’s General Seleucus, were defeated.

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