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Bharat Ko Jano Book

Every year, an Indian organization named Bharat Vikas Parishad holds a “Bharat Ko Jano” exam for students and awards certificates to those who participate in the Bharat Ko Jano competition in Banaskantha Deodar Bharat Vikas Parishad branch. Kamal King Chaudhari, the Social Media Secretary of Bharat Vikas Parishad Deodar Shakha, provided this information.

Since 2001, the council has organized a national Know India Competition to instill a sense of pride in students about Indian values, including Indian beliefs and Indian pride.

“The superiority of the future is built on the foundation of the past,” observed Swami Vivekananda Ji. Indeed, the sense of pride derived from our illustrious past and the self-assurance drawn from the progressive present can propel us towards a better future. This “Know India Competition” is centered on invigorating and educational knowledge on a variety of themes related to India’s glorious history and forward-thinking present.

Participants are divided into two categories: Junior (Classes 6–8) and Senior (Classes 9–12) for the Know India Competition. At the initial stage, teams of two participants from the junior and senior categories are selected from each branch across the country based on a written examination and a two-phase oral competition at the branch level. At the second stage, the best teams from both categories are chosen by the state’s oral question forum and sent to the regional level competition at the third stage. The winning teams from the regional tournament advance to the national competition, where an engaging oral quiz is conducted using modern electronic and computer technology.

In just a few years, the Know India Competition Project has gained popularity among the council’s members, schools, and the general public. Due to the project’s popularity, more than 2.5 lakh copies of the council’s book “Know India,” published separately in Hindi and English, are distributed each year, and over 15 lakh children participate in the competition.

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