Alkaline foods are foods that are thought to help our bodies stay balanced. They have a pH level higher than 7, which makes our bodies less acidic. This might be good for our health. Examples of these foods are fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and beans.

If you’ve searched for a chart of alkaline foods online, you might have seen different versions of it. That’s because there’s no official list of what you should or shouldn’t eat on this diet.

Most charts group foods based on how acidic or alkaline they are before you eat them. But this doesn’t really change the pH of your blood or body because your body already keeps those levels under control.

Alkaline Foods List

Alkaline Foods List
Vegetables Summer squashGrains, CerealsDiary & Meat
ArtichokesSweet Potatoes& BreadsNone
Asparagus (tips)Swiss chardAmaranthCondiments &
Bamboo ShootsTomatoesBuckwheatSpices
BroccoliTurnipsKamut(Unfermented Soy)
BeetrootsWatercressMilletAlmond Butter
Bell PeppersWheatgrassQuinoaBee Pollen
Brussels SproutsWild GreensSpeltBragg Aminos
CabbagesZucchiniSprouted BreadsChili Pepper
CarrotsFruitsSprouted TortillasCinnamon
CauliflowersAvocadosYeast-FreeCurry Powders
ChardLemonsSweets &Guacamole (fresh
ChicoryTomatoesNoneHerbs (all)
ChivesOils & FatsBeans &Houmous
Collard GreensAvocado OilLegumesLemon Juice
CucumbersCoconut OilAll moderatelyLime Juice
DandelionsFlax OilacidicSea Salt
DillsHemp Seed OilNuts & SeedsOriental
DulceOlive OilAlmond ButterVegetables
EggplantSaffower OilAlmondsDaikon
EndivesSesame OilCarraway SeedsDandelion Root
GarlicGrasses &Cumin SeedsKombu
Green BeansSproutsFennel SeedsMaitake
Green OlivesAlfalfaHemp SeedsNori
Green PeasAlfalfa SproutsPumpkin SeedsReishi
Greens (leafy)Amaranth SproutsSesame SeedsSea Vegetables
HorseradishesBarley GrassSunflower SeedsShitake
JerusalemBroccoli SproutsDrinksUmeboshi
ArtichokesDog GrassAlkaline WaterWakame
KaleFenugreekBarley Grass
LeeksKamut GrassCoconut Water
LettucesKamut SproutsFresh Lemon &
Mustard GreensLemon GrassLime Water
OkraMillet SproutsFresh Veg Juices
OnionsMung BeanGreen Drinks
Oyster plantsSproutsGreen Tea
ParsleyOat GrassHerbal Tea
ParsnipsQuinoa SproutsWheat Grass
Peas (fresh)Shave GrassJuice
PeppersSpelt SproutsUdo’s Choice
RadishesWheat GrassBeyond Greens
Sea Veggies
Sprouts (all)

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