06 distinct guarantee schemes were introduced for the people of Telangana by the Revanth Reddy administration. The 6 Guarantee Application Form can be downloaded by any citizen of Telangana to apply for these schemes.

These programs are aimed at assisting financially struggling residents of Telangana State. The Congress government introduced six guarantee plans that provide pensions, financial aid, and other essential aspects of life. The six guarantee packages are exclusively accessible to permanent citizens of Telangana.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. The program is only available to permanent citizens of Telangana state.
  2. The candidate must belong to the economically disadvantaged population of the state.
  3. A farmer in the state of Telangana is required to apply for the Rythu Bharosa scheme.
  4. The candidate must belong to the group classified as below the poverty line.
  5. An applicant for the Indiramma Indlu Housing Scheme is not required to own a home.

Advantages of the Six Guarantee Scheme:

  1. The authorities will offer financial assistance to selected applicants.
  2. The approved applicants will receive direct funding transfers to their bank accounts.
  3. The state of Telangana is expected to achieve a higher standard of living through this plan.
  4. Selected citizens will be provided housing under the Indiramma Indlu Housing Scheme.
  5. The state government of Telangana will provide financial assistance to women selected under the Mahalaxmi initiative.

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