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51 Shakti Peeth

Mata has a total of 51 Shaktipeeths, each of which has a legendary narrative attached to it. Lord Shiva begins to stroll around with the body of Sati, King Daksha Prajapati’s daughter. When Lord Vishnu sees such a predicament, he uses his chakra to rip Sati’s body apart. There should be Shaktipeeths of Mother Sati wherever her body parts and jewels landed.


King Prajapati Daksha, the son of Brahma, had a daughter named Sati, according to Hindu legend.

Princess Sati grew up idolising Shiva’s legends and stories, and when the time came for her to marry, she knew it was only the ascetic Lord Shiva of Kailash who held her heart and soul.

Soon after, Daksha’s daughter left her father’s opulence and palace and began her journey to win Shiva’s heart through meditation.

She did extensive penance in deep woodlands and fully abstained from food. The Lord of Kailash appeared in front of her and promised to marry her when she ultimately delighted Shiva by her austerities.

According to tradition, Sati and Shiva were pleased in their marriage, but King Daksha did not approve, considering ascetic Shiva to be an unrefined youngster who lives a hermit’s life unworthy of his daughter.

So when Daksha arranged a grand yajna, he invited all the gods, deities, and sages—but he purposefully left out his son-in-law Shiva so that he might humiliate him. Sati, angered by her father’s choice, went to see him and demanded to know why they weren’t invited. When she approached Daksha’s palace, she was greeted by a barrage of insults intended at Shiva.

King Prajapati Daksha, haughty and pompous, referred to him as everything from a dishevelled divinity who hung out in a graveyard to the alleged ‘king of the beasts.’ Goddess Sati, unable to tolerate anything against her husband, flung herself into the yajna’s flaming terrified fire.

When Shiva’s servants told him that his wife had died, he became infuriated and produced Veerbhadra out of a strand of his hair. Veerbhadra wrecked Daksha’s palace and murdered him.

Meanwhile, Shiva, bereft of his beloved soulmate’s death, carefully hugged Sati’s body and began his destructive dance (taandav). Lord Vishnu used Sudharshan Chakra to cut Sati’s lifeless body into 51 pieces in order to save the universe and restore Shiva’s sanity.

These fragments landed in diverse locations on Earth and became known as Shakti Peeths. These 51 locations are all regarded holy areas and pilgrimages.

51 Shakti Peeth Name List In English

S.noName Of PeethShaktiBody Part
1AmarnathShakti MayamayaThroat
2AttahasaShakti PhullaraLips
3BahulaShakti BahulaLeft Arm
4BakreshwarShakti MahishmardiniCentre portion between eyebrows
5BhairavparvatShakti AvantiElbow
6BhavanipurShakti AparnaLeft anklet
7Gandaki ShaktiGandaki ChandiForehead
8JanasthaanShakti BhramariChin
9HinglajShakti KottariBodypart–Top of the head
10JayantiShakti JayantiLeft Thigh
11YogeshwariShakti YogeshwariPalms of Hand & Soles of Feet
12JwalaShakti Ambika/SiddhidaTongue
13KalighatShakti KalikaRight Toes
14KalmadhavShakti KaliLeft Buttock
15KamakhyaShakti KamakhyaGenitals
16KankalitalaShakti DevgarbhaPelvis
17KanyashramShakti SravaniSpine
18ChamudeswariShakti JayaDurgaBoth Ears
19KireetShakti VimlaCrown
20RatnavaliShakti KumariRight Shoulder
21TrisrotaShakti BhraaamariLeft Leg
22ManasaShakti DakshayaniRight Hand
23ManibandhShakti GayatriWrists
24MithilaShakti UmaLeft shoulder
25NainativuShakti IndrakshiAnklets
26GuhyeshwariShakti- MahashiraBody Part- Both Knees
27ChandranathShakti BhawaniRight Arm
28PanchSagarShakti Varahi Body part–Lower TeethLower Teeth
29PrabhasShakti ChandrabhagaStomach
30PrayagShakti LalitaFinger
31KurukshetraShakti SavitriAnkle Bone
32MaiharShakti ShivaniRight Breast
33NandikeshwariShakti NandiniNecklace
34VishweshwariShakti RakiniCheeks
35ShivaharkarayShakti Mahisha-Mardini Body part–EyesEyes
36ShondeshShakti NarmadaRight Buttock
37Sri SailamShakti SundariRight Anklet
38Sri ShailShakti Maha-LakshmiNeck
39ShuchiShakti NarayaniUpper Teeth
40ShikarpurShakti SugandhaNose
41TripuraShakti Tripur SundariRight Foot
42UjjaniShakti Mangal ChandikaRight Wrist
43VaranasiShakti VishalakshiEarrings
44VibashShakti KapaliniLeft Ankle
45BharatpurShakti AmbikaLeft Toes
46VrindavanShakti UmaRinglets of Hair
47JalandharShakti TripurmaliniLeft Breast
48AmbajiShakti AmbaOne part of the Heart
49JharkhandShakti Jai DurgaSecond part of the Heart
50DanteshwariShakti DanteshwariTooth
51BirajShakti VimlaNavel

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