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100 Ways To Motivate Yourself

The majority of people are ashamed to even consider this. They fear that if they “think and grow rich,” people will perceive them as egotistical or greedy. Or perhaps they continue to adhere to the thoroughly debunked Marxist economic superstition that says that in order to make money, you must steal it from someone else.

They don’t want to appear to be driven by greed, otherwise. You know who is really preoccupied with money, though? individuals who lack any. They think about money nonstop. They talk about it in their families, they think about it at night, and they let it poison their relationships during the day.

The best way to avoid developing a money obsession is to have faith in your strategy for achieving financial independence. George Bernard Shaw once said, “Our first duty is not to be poor.” Always in life, the way to not being poor is through your professional connections. You will earn more money by serving those relationships more, which will increase their productivity.

In his book Creating Affluence, Deepak Chopra stated that “money is life energy that we exchange and use as a result of the service we bring to the universe.” You have the opportunity to comprehend something much more useful once you realise that money comes from service surprisingly huge sums of money result from unexpectedly large levels of service.

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